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Stories of the Holidays

Shining Bright

This holiday season, we’ve been busy sharing our story and serving the many people we support.

Here are just a few highlights:

We went “all out” for Fargo’s Holiday Lights Parade, a wonderful community event. The weather was perfect, and the crowd along the route welcomed our people on our float with the Christmas spirit and tender smiles. It was certainly a night to cherish.

The people we serve are busy out-and-about in Fargo ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Getting involved in the community is meaningful, and we are proud of those who are involved in this important holiday project.

Earlier, we offered our facility to Gigi’s Playhouse. With their building fire this past year, it was time for their holiday gathering, so why not here? Yes, they gathered in our new building—and made sweet memories.

Our staff hosted a fantastic Christmas Party for those we serve; a special night for families and friends.

And, coming up on February 10, 2022, is Giving Hearts Day, the most generous day in the world! We will be joining hundreds of other non-profit organizations to raise funds to help keep serving even more people in our communities. Watch for more about Giving Hearts Day soon!

A warm and heartfelt “thank you” to all of our members, donors, friends, families, and businesses who support our efforts! May you have a blessed holiday season.