"Red River Human Services is commended for strong efforts to impact postive changes in the lives of people supported as well as the communities where services are provided. The organization has worked to integrate the values and practices of person-directed, outcome-based service delivery into all systems and practice. The provision of flexible and ever changing supports and services based on people's priorities while maintaining assurances for protecting their health, safety, and human security is an organizational strength. The organiztion is encouraged to continue on this journey and make new discoveries regarding additional ways that may impact its communities in positive ways strengthening and enhancing social capital for all and impacting neighborhoods and communities, building increased capacity outside the walls of the organization.

Accountability Focus CQL Accreditation, October 2007, Executive Summary

Documents listed below are summaries of the Council on Quality and Leadership(CQL) vists and ongoing review of services offered at Red River Human Services Foundation. Click on the bold heading to view the PDF file.

CQL visit 3, August 2010

"Site visits, conversations with people supported by the organization, family members, and a focus group of persons supported by the organization affirmed and confirmed the efforts being made by the organization and the challenges it continues to address."
Diane Wagemann, Quality Enhancement Specialist, CQL

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary captures the initial visit of the Council on Quality and Leadership's on-site visit to Red River Human Services in October 22-26, 2007.

Accountability Focus

CQL accreditation accountability focus evaluation chart. This document depicts focus areas for accreditation and CQL's evaluation of each focus area.

Basic Assurances

This document depicts in chart form the 10 areas Red River Human Services must pass to continue on in the accreditation process. CQL must observe both a system procedure and practice in place.

Personal Outcome Measures

Red River Human Services ability to provide person centered services is evaluated by determning the presence of an outcome or support avialable to reach that outcome. This document is the result of that evaluation. This profile lists the outcome that is either present in the lives of people supported or supports are present to realize that outcome.

Shared Values

This summary depicts the agreement (or disagreement) of Red River Human Services Foundation and CQL in the ten factors or values.

Results Comparison

View this evaluation of CQL's on-site visit of responsive services and community life. The grid compares Red River Human Services Foundation's self-evaluation and CQL's response to that self evaluation.