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Red River Human Services Foundation's benefits:


Health/Dental/Vision Insurance-

Our health, dental, and vision insurance is carried through Blue Cross Blue Shield of ND.

  • Employees are eligible the 1st day of the month after 90 days of full time employment.
  • The cost of a single plan is shared between the employee and RRHSF.
  • You may add your family and/or dependents at your own expense.
  • After 5 years of employment, RRHSF pays for a single plus dependent or family plan, less your cost share amount

Life Insurance-

RRHSF provides life insurance with dependent coverage for full time employees. Coverage is twice the employee's annual salary rounded to the nearest $1,000. Additional coverage is available to both the employee and their spouse at the employee's cost. The added coverage is limited to 3x their annual salary rounded to the nearest $10,000 with a $200,000 maximum. Part time employees working at least 20 hours per week may purchase life insurance though RRHSF's insruance company at their own cost through payroll deduction.This benefit becomes effective on the first of the month following 60 days of employment.


Long Term Disability-

This plan pays a monthly benefit to all full time employees who suffer a disability as the result of an injury or illness. This benefit is a percentage of salary. After two months, all full time employees are eligible for LTD, with coverage available on the first of the month that follows. Premuims are paid by RRHSF. 

403(b) Retirement Plan-

A 403(b) is the not-for-profit version of the 401(k). There is no employer match (see defined contribution plan) and participation is voluntary subject to a per paycheck minimum. This plan is a great way to start saving for retirement. Employees can choose from a variety of investment options that best suit their lifestyle and retirement goals.


Defined Contribution Plan-

To be eligible for employer contributions, an employee must meet the following:

  • 21 years of age
  • Have at least one year employment with RRHSF with at least 1000 paid hours
  • Earn less than 30% of your income from tips

Funds are deposited into accounts until the employee has met certain vesting requirements or reaches the retirement age. If an employee leaves or is terminated before completing 5 vesting years of employement with RRHSF, the funds allocated to their account will be forfeited.


Personal Time Off (PTO)-

PTO is for all time off of work. PTO can be used when an employee is sick, on vacation, for ill family members, or any other reason an employee is away from work. Extended Illness Bank (EIB) can be used for an employee's illness after 32 consecutive hours of PTO are used. EIB cannot be used for absences other than employee absences. 

Flex Spending Account-

A flex spending benefit program allows for payment of dependent care and unreimbursed medical, dental, and vision expenses with pre-tax dollars using a payroll deduction. It has been proven that employees save 20-30% when using these pre-taxed dollars.

Employee Assistant Plan (EAP)-

This plan is available to employees and their families as provided in RRHSF's medical insurance plan. EAP is completely confidential and we encourage employees to use this program if they are experiencing any of life's difficulties. Employees receive four free visits per family member.


 RRHSF offers supplemental insurance through AFLAC. This insurance pays a cash benefit to help you and your family cover expenses when you're sick or hurt. Coverage is optional and at the employee's cost.



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